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June 18, 2012
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Grimm Fairy Tales 75 special cover JSC by ToolKitten Grimm Fairy Tales 75 special cover JSC by ToolKitten
drawn and inked by :iconj-scott-campbell: J. Scott Campbell!

colors by me
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jan6-2000 Sep 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I thought it was snow whites 75 birthday I really need to read the title first 
Reminds me of Baroness from GI Joe....this is great work!! :twist: Sailor Gucici and Chanel La Emoticon Skull Headbang left :dance: 
Loving the outfit! Reminds me of a SR-71 Blackbird
terrific work to you both
Gosh, you're an amzing colourist. Your colours are honestly the only reason Id give this work a second glance; you work with crappy lineart like this and somehow manage to make it look halfway decent.
Honestly, I think you're one of my favourite colourists/artists in the professional comic industry right now.
ToolKitten Jul 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
well it might not be your taste but its certainly not crappy, but i appreciate that you like at least my colors :)
Eh, I find a lot of his work pretty bad. Then again, I'm of the opinion that there is good art and bad art, and art you hate and art you like. So, it's possible that I might like his work and still see it as crap. So it's less a matter of taste, more a matter of whether it has good anatomy, etc. I could point a lot of things out if I wanted to, but I critiqued a piece by him once and he flipped out so I don't bother anymore.

You're welcome. You're a great colourist, and I really like a lot of your original work too. I'd like to see more people with your skills in the comic industry. I mean, I look at some art today as a girl, and feel ignored, and disgusted by how women are treated in comics and broken and bent and reduced to nothing more than being sexy, and then I see work like yours that is sexy but beyond that. And then I look at it as a critic, and it's just really nice to look at, even if you were just drawing nothing more than sexy women.
ToolKitten Jul 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
i cant see him flipping out unless you were rather tactless or rude lol
Not really, I just pointed out that the toes looked a bit odd for the picture. I get that your friends, so I don't expect you to bash him, it's just my own issues with him and his art. I'm a little offended that you assumed it must have been me being rude though. I'm not asking you to side with me, but no need to tell me what I must have done.
*shrugs* Like him all you want. I've no problem with him as a person, for all I know, he was having a bad day, so whatever I said triggered him for some reason. I just don't much like him as an artist is all.
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